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Neon-Fueled Arcadegeddon Is A Co-Op Shooter That's Out Now On PC And Consoles

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Arcadegeddon is a co-op shooter that sees players jump into a world flush with neon to defend their local arcade from a scary virus that threatens to shut it down. It's an interesting premise that sets up a world all about style, high-octane action, and getting the highest score possible to save Gilly's Arcade.

The premise is simple: an evil corporation has infected Arcadegeddon, a major new game the last arcade in Super City. Fun Fun Co. is attempting its hostile takeover of the game in an effort to shut down Gilly's arcade. The co-op shooter sees players group up to take on FFC's onslaught of digital baddies across multiple biomes in Arcadegeddon. 

Developer IllFonic describes Arcadegeddon as an "ever-evolving cooperative shooter" which provides a mix of both PvE and PvP for players to take on. Arcadegeddon takes places across six different biomes, ranging from the Hellscape (which is the origin of FFC's corruption) to a dour, cyberpunk Spark City.  Along the way players will unlock different Gangs to interact with that will give them unique cosmetics and tokens to use on abilities and more. 

You can check out Arcadegeddon on PC (via the Epic Games Store), or on Xbox Series S|X and Playstation 5 (which it's currently a PS+ title). 


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