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Necromancy Will Be RuneScape's 29th Skill, Coming in 2023

The 2023 roadmap update is also revealed

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RuneScape continued giving us all a look into some of what to expect in 2023, and the list is complete with the unveiling of the new skill coming next year: Necromancy. The team also shed a little light on the rest of the new roadmap, which was confirmed bit by bit after the community solved puzzle clues.

The first reveal was a new scheme for death costs, which will reduce them by a lot, in addition to a new Grand Exchange tariff to help offset the change. This also came with word of a combat event as well. The second reveal concerned a new storyline, Fort Forinthry, which will integrate skilling, questing, and combat. Characters like King Roald and Queen Ellamaria will also feature in the new storyline, which is expected around mid-February. Be prepared for the new quests and challenges, as well as the setting: “As if the usual political machinations of the Kingdom's elite weren't enough, the evening takes a sinister turn when one of the nobles is murdered at the banquet table! The gates are barred for the night; no one may leave or enter.

Can you and your wannabe-detective butler identify the murderer before dawn breaks?"

Also on the list is a new training method for Construction. This was revealed with the clues stemming from some Fort Forthinry blueprints, showing four building types. “This update adds a new training method for the Construction skill,” it reads, which then includes processing construction materials into buildings and then upgrading buildings you construct into higher tier and distinct facilities.

Finally, Necromancy was revealed as the new skill in a RuneScape livestream yesterday. This will be the 29th skill added to RuneScape in its long history. There’s not much on what it will look like just yet, but there is a brief reveal teaser that some are undoubtedly looking to for hints already.

For more, head over to the roadmap clues and reveals recap at RuneScape.


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