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Necromancy Comes Today to Mortal Online 2, Along With New Dungeon, New Boss, and a Ton of Improvements

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For a while now, Star Vault has been teasing about Necromancy coming to Mortal Online 2. While work on the game has been focused on fixes and improving performance and the experience, today, they released the major July content update that features the Necromancy magic school.

Prospective Necromancers can learn to perform dark rituals, use the corpses of creatures along with special artifacts and create some powerful minions. You can then command those minions to swoop in and attack enemies you’ve incapacitated with debuffs and effects like blind or disorient. This isn’t the extent of the possibilities, as shown off in the new update trailer.

You may even become skilled enough “ to summon the putrid and fearsome Tupilak. A grisly abomination made of flesh and bone, ready to wreak havoc upon its master's enemies”. There’s more to learn and now you’ll have the option to do so. The team has also “added undead versions of most creatures in the game” to support these new systems. Have fun.

There’s a new dungeon in the world, and you can explore and look for it, but “not everything is as it seems” according to the patch notes. There’s also a new boss placed somewhere in a remote part of Myrland. Find it and you can challenge this “massive” new boss, the first one that Star Vault is putting into that category.

In addition to the introduction of Necromancy and encounters, the update continues Star Vault’s efforts to improve the game. One of the most major updates to AI is in this patch, and the result looks to make AI more complex and intelligent. A few examples include AI can now spawn with buffs, they can have attacks it only uses if you’re at range, more variety of hit zones, and can ignore going into mercy mode. Game size has been reduced by updating to Unreal Engine 4.27 and improved compression. This should help performance.

There are a ton more fixes and changes in this major update, including mount improvements, improved animations, and much more. You can read the full patch notes at Mortal Online 2.


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