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Necromancy Arrives in RuneScape on August 7th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Necromancy will arrive in RuneScape on August 7th, bringing the game’s first new combat skill, an entire season and storyline, and much more.

Jagex revealed the release date with a promised cinematic premiere today that also gave a look at the storyline to expect. 

The First Necromancer, Rasial, is risen, and well, Death is asking for help. Your help. 

“He seizes the dead from their righful slumber,” Death narrates in the cinematic. “His ultimate ambition, to build an army of spirits that will bring an end to all life on Gielinor,” he concludes, inviting you to join him in the Underworld to begin. The city of Um awaits.

“Streets that were once crowded with the dead now stand empty.” As the Necromancer gathers that army. “No life. No death. Only oblivion,” if he succeeds. It’s kind of a big deal. And a big threat.

You'll have to defend the underworld and the spirits from this new threat and you will have to make your way into the First Necromancer's Citadel and defeat him. Along the way, you get to learn and master RuneScape’s first new combat style.

Death implores you, and equips you to get started. You’ll get a special Death Guard and Skull Lantern and learn how to use them together dead in the underworld, return them–and the light to the city–and to stop the First Necromancer. Be easy, as there are seven new story quests and two boss battles awaiting you. 

As previously announced, not only is Necromancy the 29th skill, and the first new combat style, it comes with its own season. The arrival of Necromancy is likely earlier than many expected, with the skill promised for 2023 but hinted at coming later in the year. 

Necromancy will be free for players to learn up to level 20 and beyond that, members will have different options. 

For much more on the reveal, as well  as more details on the storyline that you'll be playing through in just  over a month, head to RuneScape


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