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Nearly $35M Raised in 2017 Alone. Funding Now Eclipses $175M

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Star Citizen's crowdfunding juggernaut continued throughout 2017 with RSI raising nearly $35M in additional development funds. The total since the initiative began is now $175M. In fact, the Star Citizen crowdfunding effort has exceeded the sum total of every other KickStarter program throughout 2017.

The KickStarter funding data was compiled by Polygon with data from RSI and KickStarter. There is a handy chart that you can see below. In total, there were 700 game projects on KS during 2017. RSI's fundraising totals easily beat them all.

Dollars pledged to Star Citizen versus Kickstarter video games

However, the data set is complicated by several significant factors. First, CIG/RSI refused to report how much money they’ve returned to backers. Several significant returns are currently being contested, including one in excess of $25,000. It’s therefore impossible to know how large a proportion of its funding CIG/RSI have been forced to refund.

Additionally, Kickstarter said that of all the money pledged to video game projects in 2016, 85 to 88 percent of it went to successful campaigns. We've gone with the higher numbers for our calculations.

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