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NCSoft Video Shows off Five Upcoming New IPs, Including MMORPGs, Action, and Battle Royale

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NCSoft has revealed a sneak peek at five IPs under development, with the promise of more information coming next soon. A video showcasing the IPs are all referred to under code names including Project E, Project R, Project M, BSS (Blade & Soul S), and TL.

With these five upcoming games, NCSoft’s blog declared they are working on action, MMORPGs, collectible RPGs, and battle royale games. All of these games are set for release this year. The accompanying blog post also says one of these IP's is an “interactive movie” (and this seems like Project M). While there are no confirmations in the video, Project R is a mobile game, but we're not sure if it's the only one yet. 

Our bet is that project E and TL are likely to be the MMOs in development. NCSoft’s own blog (translated via Google Translate) says that:

“Among the new IPs, ?Project E ?Project R ?Project M were unveiled for the first time in this video, and Project E was planned as a work that shares the worldview with TL.”

Sharing " a worldview" could come in different forms (and if someone has a better translation from the Korean, let us know), but the video does open on what looks like character concept art and worldbuilding before switching to a clip of a cinematic, all for Project E. The video finished on TL, which features a ton of large scale action, group battles, elements of a world, huge monsters being fought, sieges, and dragons. This doesn’t mean it’s an MMO, but these elements are definitely familiar ones. TL is “console/PC” according to the blog post, and is the first of these new titles scheduled for release. Expect it to arrive in the second half of the year.

While these peeks are just a tease, there will be more info coming soon. They announced plans for more video content coming in March. 



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