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NCSoft Unveils Project LLL, A New Sci-Fi MMO Shooter

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NCSoft today announced a new sci-fi shooter MMO, codenamed Project LLL, with a new gameplay trailer alongside a new internal interview with the developers. 

The Guild Wars 2 and Lineage publisher released a new gameplay trailer for Project LLL that is over nine minutes long, showcasing the MMO in action with some world-building thrown in for good measure.

The trailer shows off the character as they move around a broken, marred version of Seoul, taking out mutants and more throughout the video. The MMO, which is a third-person shooter, seems set in Seoul, though there are influences from other civilizations seemingly everywhere as well, such as the 10th century's Byzantine Empire. Oh, and there are mechs.

A bit weird, but interested to see where this goes for sure.

A second video, which features an interview with Project LLL's game project lead, Bae Jaehyun, as well as technical director Son Donghee and art director Bae Incheol, talks a bit about how Project  LLL came to be, as well as some of the questions the team asked when determining the setting and style of the MMO itself.

The NCSoft website also houses an interview with Jaehyun, giving even more details on the MMO. Apparently, Project LLL will feature an open world, as well as where some of the inspirations came from, notably Phillip K Dick novels and more.

Developing the world itself, specifically, Seoul, saw NCSoft go to real-world locations within the South Korean capital to take 3D Maps and reimagine these real spots in-game. The team took care to not only highlight Seoul's own unique style of blending modern design with traditional elements, but also portray them in a way that answers the question of how these locations would look in the future.

You can check out the videos showcasing the game in the embeds above and below, as well as check out the full written internal interview with Jaehyun on the NCSoft website. This isn't the only new MMO that NCSoft has been associated with, as reports have come down that the South Korean developer is also working on an MMO set in the world of Horizon: Forbidden West


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