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NCSoft Shares New Throne and Liberty Music and Game Footage, Along With An Intro Video Showing the Basics

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NCSoft is pushing ahead with more peeks at Throne and Liberty, including two new official music track videos, each featuring themes and footage from the game, and a new tips video for playing one of the game’s classes.

The video is in Korean, but the YouTube auto translation does give us some context behind the footage. For any MMO fan, it’s a fairly typical introduction to the menus, including where to find the map, and various codices to pay attention to for progression. It also shows some points of interest, things to look out for, leveling up and claiming quests, and more of the basics. It ’s not hard to follow in general, and the video still offers a new look at the basics, combat, some creatures, and more of what we can expect when Throne and Liberty is out. 

NCSoft has also updated its NCSound channel with two new music tracks. The first, “Liberty Theme” is a theme song for the game, and we get to see various clips of cutscenes and flyovers. Included are some glimpses at the turning into animals bit that the game will bring. The track was composed by Benjamin Wallfisch and we see vocalist Eurielle and the accompanying orchestra recording the theme as it swells into a more dramatic tone to set the stage for a new adventure.

The second track, is “Throne Theme”, naturally. This one also features a similar series of clips showing cutscenes and in-game footage. This one is another sweeping theme featuring the same composer and vocalist. NCSoft is clearly aiming for something epic here, with hints at the greater conflict and very large-scale battles to come.

With Throne and Liberty’s Korean release set for this week, there will be lots more to whet everyone’s appetites before Amazon publishes the eventual global release.


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