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NCSoft-Owned Baseball Team Celebrates Championship With Lineage Sword

Not quite Excalibur, but....

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Korean Baseball team, the NC Dinos, recently won the Korean Baseball Organization's championship. It's notable, not because the team went 4-2 over the Doosan Bears, but that the team is owned by MMO publisher NCSoft. So of course they celebrated in a huge way.

The celebrated its championship in the only way a team owned by a giant MMO company could: by holding aloft a huge sword from one of the company's franchises, Lineage

Per a tweet from Sung Min Kim, a former sports journalist, the NC Dinos brought to life the Execution Sword, one of Lineage's most powerful items. 

Honestly, we need more MMO and sporting event crossovers like this - and I'm not sure I would have had "Korean baseball franchise holds aloft Lineage sword" on my 2020 bingo card. 

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