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NCSoft Applies to Rebrand into NC, Changes Expected to Complete Before September 2021

NC No Longer Soft?

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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It has been reported that NCSoft has applied to start a new company called NC, which would essentially be a rebrand of the current company. NCSoft believes that the change will go into effect prior to September of 2021.

NCSoft’s new change to NC is in line with a recent new logo that can be seen on their official Twitter account. The changes have not signaled any other major shake-ups in the company at this time, and simply points to a streamline of their logo design as well as the potential to reflect more of a widespread business focus, that doesn’t directly correlate to the mention of the term “soft” in their name.

NCSoft’s Q2 earnings are down from 2020’s Q1, with the Lineage Series on Mobile and PC performing quite well, while Guild Wars 2 and Aion continues to lag behind. Based on the earnings report, Guild Wars 2 has had an increase in sales since the pandemic started, and Aion is expected to receive a Classic Server which may see gains for both games.


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