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Narrative-Driven Indie Roguelite RPG Goblin Stone Launching on March 12th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Goblin Stone, an upcoming turn-based narrative RPG from indie studio Orc Chop Games, will launch on March 12th. 

The game features a narrative-driven RPG that also features roguelike elements. Goblins are in trouble, and struggling to survive after they have been hunted over time almost to extinction. It’s a dangerous world, especially when you team up with a party of goblins to battle against various enemies, including elves and dwarves, in a procedurally-generated adventure with hand-drawn visuals. There are over 150 Illustrated story images from the art team.

That danger is always around, as permadeath remains a threat throughout. Have work to do. you'll have to build a lair underground, separated into the rooms you'll need, including a barracks, or a war room, and even begin a goblin breeding program to help the goblins to survive longer term. This also serves as a way to combine the best attributes in goblins to pad out and customize your armies for the battle ahead. 

The team says that Goblin Stone includes over 40 hours of gameplay, 60 different enemy types, and 25 boss battles to tackle. There will be hundreds of combinations available between classes, abilities, and weapons for your goblins, in this blend of RPG, strategy, and survival elements.

The game is narrated by Scottish actor James Smillie and features music from composer Peter McConnell, who is known for work on Hearthstone, Psychonauts, Monkey Island, and more.

Goblin Stone will be released on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.


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