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Naraka: Bladepoint Showdown Continues This Weekend With New Content, New Boss, and a New Hero

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Naraka: Bladepoint is expanding on its PvE Showdown content with today’s new update across all platforms. Showdown: Chapter III, Gelid Yushan, continues starting tomorrow and expands the weekend-only PvE campaign with new story, new battles, and a new playable hero, Tianhai.

Showdown is  one way that the game is adding some narrative content and expanding its lore. Offering the mode only on the weekends, refreshed with new chapters regularly. The new playable hero, Tianhai, is the seventh Showdown hero.

He has two weapon specialties to use–Staff and Swarm– and offers skills that you can combine to unleash against enemies. Complete quests in Showdown this weekend, level his abilities up, and equip Souljades  for even more impact. You’ll need to loot and equip these Souljades to increase your hero’s Sense level, and by doing so, to prepare for bigger and harder challenges.

Those Souljades are important, with over 15 of them introduced in Chapter III. So if you are looking to boost your characters’ abilities and stats, you’ll find the various Souljades important. They each have different power and stat bonuses, so getting your hands on a wide variety will help you build the most well-rounded heroes.

Naturally, there’s also a new villain to challenge: The Dark Maiden. If you challenge and defeat her on the hardest Nightscream difficulty, she’ll also drop some of these powerful Souljades. Yet before getting ahead of yourself or too ambitious, it’s recommended that you wait until Sense level 100 before even trying the new chapter on normal difficulty.

Since Showdown is only offered for limited times, the co-op content is designed to be something you can get into quickly. Naraka: Bladepoint is already a fast-paced, action heavy game, so if you’re already deep in on the PvP side, battling hard and fast is nothing new.

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