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Naoki Yoshida Updates on Final Fantasy XIV Housing Issues, While 6.1 Gets New Recipes

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The sometimes confusing situation involving glitches that affected the Final Fantasy XIV housing lottery, has a new update and the Square Enix team is closer to fully understanding the problem and solving it. The patch notes for update 6.1, Newfound Adventure have also been updated with some new recipes.

The housing lottery results wound up being a mixed bag for those who bid on plots. Some players were getting  the wrong message saying that the winning number was 0 and they had not won, with a gil refund, and others getting a message that there were no applicants at all. While others have been getting messages that they did win along with winning numbers and have the option to  finalize their purchases.

During the investigation, the team found a server-side and a processing issue both behind the errors. Naoki Yoshida notes that the lottery ultimately did work as intended, but the results were not being properly sent to players. 

They concluded that those who got winning tickets and were able to purchase plots were given the right outcomes. The team is looking to restore the lottery data so they have full details on everything as well as a final confirmation. They are also looking into those who received a refund in gil before they learned that they actually won the lottery. That said, he encouraged players that do have the ability to finalize a purchase to do so.

To prevent further issues, they will work to restore the lottery data and they will be halting lotteries for all plots of land until further notice.

In a more pleasant update, the notes for update 6.1 got longer with a whole bunch of new crafting recipes. New recipes include building materials, furnishings,  clothing pieces, and portraits.

Find the new recipes here at Final Fantasy XIV.


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