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Naoki Yoshida: New Info Coming for Final Fantasy XIV in February That Will Lead Into Update 7.0

Endwalker characters will be featured in future story content

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When it comes to Final Fantasy XIV, things have been pretty busy of late. But the team is still looking ahead and  director and producer Naoki Yoshida  is now hinting at what's to come. According to a new broadcast in Japanese, (as noted by Siliconera), new information will be coming late next month that will begin to set up future updates eventually leading to the release of Patch 7.0. That update has no approximate release date, but with the successful launch of Endwalker, FFXIV is definitely looking forward and bringing some of the expansion’s memorable characters with it.

Upcoming content will feature Thancred and Krile, who will feature prominently in story updates. He also says that drastic changes are coming to Final Fantasy XIV that will lead to patch 7.0 but there is no other information available as what that could mean.

The broadcast is available to watch in Japanese and discusses Endwalker at length. The most recent update, patch 6.05 added Savage raid content, new gear, and fixes. Additionally, the game still has server congestion that the team continues to address as possible. Of course this follows a summer of intense growth for Final Fantasy XIV, which the studio has increased capacity for while also dealing with the global supply chain issues that affect so many in the tech industries. 

With Endwalker's release and success behind them, the Square Enix team is looking forward and it's anybody's guess what it could mean. Of course there are always sleuths in the community that will try to find and decipher potential clues as to what might be coming down the road. But for the most part, we’ll be sitting back and enjoying the ride knowing that there are already major changes coming that will bring the past and the future together and news of some of that coming very soon.


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