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Name Reservation Details Announced for World of Warcraft Season of Mastery

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World of Warcraft will open up its Season of Mastery mode next week, and, as promised, will let character creation and name reservations begin ahead of time, this Thursday. You’ll be able to start on November 11th at 6PM Pacific time. The Season of Mastery launches on November 16th so you’ll get a few days to settle on who you’re taking into the new mode initially.

If you’re participating, once you select World of Warcraft Classic in the launcher, check the seasonal tab in the realm selector. Know that you’re only able to create one character per World of Warcraft account on any server in your region. If you want to change anything about that character, you’ll have to delete it and create a new one. These restrictions are only temporary for the launch though.

The initial servers that will open up for name reservations will also have a limited capacity so they can become full. Blizzard is working to make the launch run as smoothly as possible. This is also temporary. if servers fill up, you’ll have to pick another, or wait to see if new ones open. Initial servers for Season of Mastery are both PvP and regular servers in US east and west and in Australia.

Once the November 16th launch date passes, you will be able to create more characters and there won’t be any more capacity limits on each of the servers.

Once things start opening up, we should begin to see what the capacity and what the demand looks like for this new mode. And if you’ve ever tried naming an MMORPG character, especially in a game like World of Warcraft, you’ll definitely want to start on Thursday if you can.

For more, see the official announcement with all the details on World of Warcraft.


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