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NA World of Warcraft Guild Transfers to Alliance, Picks Up Goodies, & Transfers Back to Horde

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Top tier raiding is a big deal in World of Warcraft as guilds around the world race for the "world first" achievements clearing the latest raid tier on mythic difficulty. Guilds look for every advantage possible. In a weird twist, this week's opening of Battle of Dazar'alor offered Alliance players a fairly significant advantage over Horde players. Allies were able to collect additional high level gear that Horde players do not have access to ahead of the mythic version opening next week.

Both Horde and Alliance players have been able to pick up 400 iLevel gear through time-walking. Alliance players have been able to add additional 400 iLevel gear through completion of the warfront quest and a PvP quest to kill Horde players while in warmode. They've also gotten an emissary quest that rewards a 385 iLevel weapon.

Limit is a North American Horde guild that has routinely been in the chase for world first achievements for years. Earlier this week, the guild's raid team transferred en masse to Alliance using gold obtained carrying other players through Uldir and mythic plus dungeons. After obtaining the maximum number of available items, the team has transferred back to Horde ahead of Tuesday's raid opening. 

Limit had been criticized for transferring to Alliance, but said the intention was never to remain Alliance since players would lose titles and achievements in the move. 

Some Horde guilds have criticized Limit and have been progressing through Heroic Dazar'alor without the gear advantage that Limit now has. Several have completed the raid and are waiting for Tuesday's mythic opening (NA - Wednesday for EU).

Interesting, during last week's Developer Q&A, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas spoke about why the Alliance is seeing the iLevel 400 PvP quest this week and why Horde may not have the same type of quest next week. Sadly, while asked specifically about multiple iLevel 400 items, Hazzikostas chose to focus only on the PvP quest.

Can you explain the rationale behind Alliance getting the opportunity for ilvl 400 gear this week? Blizzard doesn't think this quest is going to be here every week. Alliance participation is increasing and Horde participation is decreasing. The quest will only be offered when there's a large population disparity. At the start of BFA, the population between Alliance and Horde was about equal. However, there were some phasing issues that lead to more Horde in a phase. Then they saw the trend of more Horde turning it ON, but Alliance turning it off.  However, they think that the Item Level 400 piece might be too high. When this was added, it was months into Uldir, but now most people haven't even stepped into the new raid and are getting Heroic pieces. They're thinking starting next week, it'll be a 385 with another bonus like Conquest points instead.

Whether or not the extra gear will make a difference for Limit and for Alliance guilds remains to be seen. Several guilds will be live streaming their run through mythic Dazar'alor and we'll be keeping an eye on things.


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