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Myth War III in the Works

Keith Cross Posted:
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IGG has announced that they are working on a third game in the Myth War series, Myth War II, which is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2009.

The Myth War series will eventually consist of three main games, each of them self-contained. People who have participated in the development of Myth War and Myth War II may already have a good insight into this brand new episode, Myth War III. If all goes well, we aim to release the new episode during Christmas 2009.

Continuing the themes of the previous Myth War episodes, Myth War III develops the storyline as players are forced to battle against powerful eternals. In this new episode, you will be led by the five soul stones to the Rarus Continent in 1900BC, a time of great turmoil where myths become reality. You will fight against Gods, evil Mages and corrupted Witches, all powered by a real time 3D graphics engine to generate amazing visual effects in the game.

In the new episode, you will be able to preview your characters before they are geared up or riding on pets, to help you choose more easily. The game features 3D lighting techniques where every object becomes more lifelike, even changing as the time passes from day to night. We are also excited to let players know about the new Homeland Construction and Collection and Production features, as well as newly developed dungeon areas.

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Keith Cross