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The Myth of Soma is set in a world where monsters (evil) are trying to battle the humans (good). There is a terrible war breaking out and much of the land is getting destroyed. When the monsters were on the verge of victory, Pacheon King, a great hero, banished his sword and destroyed the monsters and there world.......

This game , like The Legend of Mir, is endorsed by the Gamenetwork cable channel. And , also like mir it has the same sort of graphics 2D players set on a 3D background. The only real graphical difference is that they are slighty zoomed in making way for greater detail.

The main difference, however, is gameplay. Unlike mir you can craft your own weapon's armour and basically anything else you want to wear. And ,also unlike mir, you have a point based system which leads to greater customisation of indivdual characters.

This is a pretty good game with very frequent update's and a good effort from the staff and a good playing communty.

And when the combat get's dull it's nice to know you can maybe make those shoes you were looking forward to making....or that nice iron armour......

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