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Myth of Legends Opening Up Sales and a New Proprietary Launcher in Testing

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With Myth of Empires having been delisted from Steam, and the dev team sued for copyright infringement, then launching a countersuit, the game has continued its Early Access. There was even a holiday event and update, but now, after more than a month off sale due to the legal action, publisher Imperium Interactive Entertainment, Ltd has announced the opening of Myth of Empires’ own launcher and plans to resume sales.

The proprietary launcher also comes with the establishment of a store link that will let interested players sign up, create accounts, and buy access to the game. The initial test phase for the new launcher begins today at 7 PM PST/ 10 PM EST. Every day, there will be 250 more keys available for sale at the original price of $29.99 for one key with a discount bringing it down to $24.99 due to the prior agreement with Valve that means the Steam price must be the lowest price for an Early Access release. Even with the game not currently on Steam, their legal filing does seek to get things back up and running there, so they’re honoring the pricing rules.

The new launcher will give access to the game on the same servers already used and will be available in Chinese and English as well as French, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, and Japanese. Overall, this is a way to bypass the exclusion for the time being and let the game take in some income, after the pause in sales. It does remain in question whether this will be a way that works amid all the legal fighting. Snail Games has sued over copyright infringement, saying that code was copied from ARK: Survival Evolved, but they also sued Tencent separately, arguing that that company is also committing infringement by hosting the game’s servers and allowing them to stay up and running.

For more on the launcher test and pricing, head to Myth of Empires.


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