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Myth of Empires Still off Steam, As Angela Game Files Lawsuit Against Snail Games Over Copyright Claim

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Last week, Myth of Empires was delisted from Steam after a copyright claim was submitted. Developer Angela Game reiterated that the company was the owner of the rights and was trying to work with Steam and behind the scenes to get the game restored to sale. Now, the company has filed a lawsuit against Studio Wildcard and Snail Games, which filed the copyright claim based on allegations that Myth of Empires  uses code from its game, ARK: Survival Evolved.

The lawsuit, (as originally reported by MMOFallout)  is seeking a declaration regarding the copyright dispute from a California court. Angela Game is trying to restore Myth of Empires on sale and one way this suit might help is by making Snail Games prove its copyright claims and that its code was indeed used to build Myth of Empires. Angela Game and Imperium interactive Limited, the game's publisher, are asking for retraction of the copyright claims and damages, not just on Steam, but overall.

The allegations, as noted in the lawsuit documents, that an ex employee of Snail Games in China who had access to the source code for ARK, left and was part of the formation of Angela Game.  Snail Games, in the letter sent to Valve that originally got the game delisted states that their analysis showed matching code and claims that the similarities “could not be explained through independent development, such as the use of identical gameplay mechanics not found in other games”. 

In the lawsuit filed by Angela Games, the company claims the game began development back in 2018 and uses Unreal Engine 4.26.  the request is for a judgment stating that the company owns all rights to the game and claims that the allegations are false. They also asked for an injunction that should hopefully get the game back on Steam ASAP if granted , and financial damages. If this cannot be resolved by a judge, they also request a jury trial.


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