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Myth of Empires, Still Delisted from Steam, Forges Ahead With New Updates and New Year's Event

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Myth of Empires, since entering early access, has had some definite bumps in the road. The game is still delisted from Steam under copyright allegations, which Angela Game denies and has responded to with a legal filing of its own. However, development is continuing andthere are new updates and features, as well as a New Year’s event.

There’s also news that there have also been several hacking incidents and DDoS attacks causing interruptions on and off. Around November 30, there was a “character deletion“ hack that caused the game to go into emergency maintenance. The DDoS attacks have been traced to North American origin. All of these attacks have been impacting gameplay for those who are able to get in and the team promises to continue tracking the sources and working to stop them.

December has brought several updates to the game, as it’s all continuing while the legal situation is sorted out. The war elephant and rhinos were released on December 11th, and there have been other updates including new recipes for armor, as well as furniture, and special saddles that you can equip your war elephants and war rhinos to make them even more dominant. How about a flamethrower? A ballista? Even an archer’s platform are all now available to turn your war beasts into formidable tanks and fighting forces.

Finally, for those who want to close out the year with some events, there’s a New Year’s event happening. From a treasure hunt where you can fight higher tier warriors around the world map guarding treasure chests. Beat them, get the chest and have a chance to obtain special event items. There are special New Year’s outfits you can complete by unlocking fragments. And if a snowball fight is your thing, complete a daily quest to get a snowball and if you throw it to your friends they’ll get buffed regen rates for 20 seconds.

The events will run through January 3. For more, head over to Myth of Empires.


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