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Myth of Empires - Signups Open for Closed Beta in October

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Myth of Empires, the multiplayer online sandbox, will enter a global closed beta starting on October 2nd and lasting through October 10th. 

Registration for the beta testing period are now open, and this will be the first beta worldwide for the game. Alpha tests and localization tests were held in the spring and summer, and things are getting closer to the final development stages before the later planned release.

Meng Liang, the producer at Myth of Empires developer Angela Game, said in a release that, “It’s our first global beta and the biggest test yet, in terms of both content and scale. We can’t wait to see how players respond to all of the new gameplay and improvements we’ve put in the game”. The beta test will be the first global test so the team wants to see how the servers respond and how all the changes since alpha will work together.

In the beta, players can expect to focus on survival in a harsh world full of dangers, from animals and enemy players to bandits and even just the bare necessities of survival like the need to hunt and make shelter. In addition to building your homes using pieces you'll be able to craft weapons (including siege weapons) and gear. Alliances and guild factions will also matter. 

The world in Myth of Empires is designed as a sandbox so players will have an impact. There's a weather system, new environments like snowy mountains, deserts, and swamps, along with wild animals like crocodiles, rhinos, fish, elephants, and more.

The game will have both PvE and PvP servers in Asia, North America, and in Europe.

To find out more about the game, visit the Myth of Empires site. Sign up for the closed beta here. Those selected should receive notice by September 29th. 


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