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Myth of Empires Opens Season 2 With New Content and Ongoing Multipliers to Help Player Progression

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Myth of Empires begins its Season 2 today, with some changes based on player feedback received during the first season of the game. These changes include balance adjustments, concerns over proficiency. The update also adds new content.

The new season also gets some changes affecting player EXP gain and proficiency levels, as well as other changes made in response to feedback and player data. Throughout the 14 week season, there will be a series of multipliers that apply to various stats and conditions in the game. For example, there will be a character XP growth multiplier  of 1 during the first week, 2 during the third week, and continuing to grow throughout the season until it reaches 8x. 

Other multipliers include currency drops, time required to level up a boundary marker, animal taming efficiency, character carrying capacity,  growth for tamed animals like Elephants or rhinos, cooldowns for instances, and more. All this should help people  who need some extra training and those getting a late start to still remain competitive and to be able to at least have a shot in the meta if they choose to participate competitively. The game does give you the option of playing more collaboratively and there’s content that should appeal to the more PvE-minded too.

Season 2’s new content including Celestial Canon, new animals like the alpha bear, wild wolf, and a new NPC challenge scene. These will all be added to both the season servers and the official servers during Season 2. 

Overall, development continues on Myth of Empires, which still finds itself with some legal issues, but the development team and publisher have carried on and completed a first season with additional content, new season servers, rankings, and new animals, musical instruments, and building items under proprietary distribution.

Season 2 will run through September 24th at 4pm UTC. For more, head over to Myth of Empires.


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