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Myth of Empires Launches With New Update, End of Steam Family Share Support

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 Myth of Empires has been released via its publisher, Imperium Interactive. The International Vanguard Edition has been launched with several new features. This also brings an end to support for Steam Family Share.

The historically-inspired sandbox is focused on strategy, crafting, and survival, as well as giving players choices as to how they want to play. Some might build and form cities while others might play with conquest in mind. The launch includes several new features, including events,  a new Skirmish mode, a new Ink Dragon Cloak, and the new War Elephant mounts. Building materials and types are also in the release, along with the Clay Arrow wall trap and the fish pond for your peaceful downtime away from the conflict.

The final launch caps several months of controversy that began when the game entered Early Access, and was subsequently delisted from Steam and subsequently involved in a legal tie up over copyright claims from Snail Games. With legal attempts to stop keeping the game off Steam having failed to produce a quick turnaround option, the publisher, along with developer Angela Game, decided to proceed with development and releases, including the game’s first events, and eventually,  a release on its own servers and platform. The legal wrangling is still expected to resume this month, but a final decision may take a while.

The new servers and a proprietary launcher are now in use. While some players may still launch the game via Steam and remain on their existing server, Steam Family Share has been discontinued, though there was a brief period to copy characters over to a new server

Myth of Empires is launching at a special price of $20.99 for launch week and will mark the release with a series of events, including Twitch Drops, a gift pack for release day, anda double EXP event all weekend long. 

Head over to Myth of Empires for more on the game and the new release details.


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