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Myth of Empires Launches Fast-Progression PVP Season Servers

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New Season Servers open today in Myth of Empires, providing an accelerated server option for higher collection and XP rates, ranking systems, rewards, and a focus on conquest and PVP.

Season servers are designed for quick progression, with special bonuses and changes that are based on data from the current official servers, but boosted. Starting characters will have things like increased growth rate with extra recipe points, XP multipliers of 3 to 15, lower skill upgrade costs, and changes in battle and out of battle proficiency. The series of tweaks is designed to get you up and running and ready for PVP and conquest rapidly.

There are 16 PVP servers available across Asia, North America, and Europe. Asia will get eight of those servers and North America and Europe will split the rest with 4 each. The first season begins tomorrow, April 15th and will last until June 15th.

When it comes to other changes, building decay rate is low, you can get more copper coins at the boundary markers, your crafting speed and repair speed will work at a five times faster rate, you’ll be able to carry more, resources will be more plentiful and more copper coins will drop overall. Additional bonuses that help you grow and advance include faster horse-taming, growth rate and faster leveling for your horses. If your playstyle is competitive and you relish in conquest, this is for exactly that.

There will be some special events and also rules in effect for the first two weeks. Some of these rules and restrictions include no crossing servers for the first week and a max level cap of 45. Going to another server within the same prefecture will be allowed from days 7-15, but the level cap is gone. All restrictions are gone after 16 days, at which point there will presumably be enough players ready for serious competition.

Myth of Empires has also announced the intention to have servers more suited to the PVE-minded later, for those who want to build, grow, and establish communities without threats.

For more on the Season Servers and rule sets, see the update at Myth of Empires.


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