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Myth of Empires Getting PvE and PvP-Focused Custom Servers, Along With Musical Instruments

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Ever since Myth of Empires opened its own individual platform following copyright accusations and lawsuits, the game has seen increasing updates and forward motion on content. The latest update fixes some bugs and prepares for the season server that's arriving, along with a No Decay server option.

The game was promoted as a player-driven game that allowed for conquest and building with teamwork and collaboration, depending on whether you are a PVE-oriented player or you are more of a PVPer. Now, a Season server geared towards endgame and guild PVP is coming this month and the team has announced a PVE-focused No Building Decay server.

The no decay server will let players join, gather and level up faster in order so that you can focus on building and establishing yourself in the world. There will be increased resources available on the server and there will be no PVP, while players buildings won't be dismantled. So if you are inclined to build, gather, and spend time in the world without having to get into skirmishes or to face destruction of your property, this option will be introduced for you.

This differs from the announced season server  that will be coming this month with higher  multipliers for XP gain, proficiencies, production, and more. The goal is to fight with your guild to gain territory and rank. In other words, this is for the conquest-minded. Everyone will be working towards their guild's goals and the guilds will be able to get points from individual players’ achievement and score rewards. In essence, the main server remains for all, but these custom additional server types will be available for those who want to start new with a particular playstyle in mind.

The Angela game team has also announced that Myth of Empires will be getting ancient musical instruments. The first on its way, the Bianzhong, is based on the instrument from the Zhou Dynasty. Other musical instruments will arrive once a month. They will be playable in different ways.

For more on the servers, see the updates here and here at Myth of Empires


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