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Myth of Empires Early Access Coming Next Week

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Myth of Empires is heading into early access next week. The multiplayer combat sandbox enters early access on November 18th, set in and around a world inspired by ancient Asian history and lore where player decisions will unite or control the world.

That world is an historically inspired setting on an eastern continent. Between the geography, the landforms, flora and fauna, as well as historical and cultural influences, this plays out with a stated focus on realism. There won’t be any fantasy magic or spell casting or anything like that because the focus is on player decision making, construction, crafting, and again, war.

As the development team does want a rich and realistic environment, with wild animals and dangerous environments, the world itself is designed to be fleshed out and grounded. This gives you the supply and materials to build and to plot your desired path. Whether you want to unite the lands In a way that allows for player alliances and a more peaceful existence, or you want to start collecting counties one by one to unite them under an empire of your own control, that's up to you. How you'll meet that goal depends on strategic choices and guild or player alliances.

In order to accommodate different types of players with different playstyles, there are PVP and PVE servers that will be connected to the global server. Essentially, there is something for everyone here, with the world to explore and materials to source and gather. Player societies aren’t all made up of warriors, of course.  Whether you want to take over and rule by combat or you want to foster player connection and unite different counties through diplomatic means, there are options for that as well.

For more on Myth of Empires or early access, see the official update here.


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