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Myth of Empires DLC Will Expand Regions, Add Automation Structures and Ways to Harness Power

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Still moving forward, sandbox Myth of Empires has announced upcoming DLC and there’s now a preview of what you can expect from the game when that new content arrives.

Season 1 of the previously launched season servers is ending, and Season 2 will be coming, but first the team has decided to reveal details about the upcoming DLC. There's no date yet as to when we can expect this update, but some of the content includes new regions, an automation system with new structures, new machinery and vehicles, and weapons. There will also be new plants and more tamable wild animals.

The Western regions are designed to have a different flavor from the rest of the territories, so it will expand the look and feel of the world as well as expand the world map. So expect new terrain types like deserts, lakes, oases, and more. A new variety of territory to come, they also promised  additions to gameplay, but they are saving the announcement of what that will involve until later. While development will continue on the main game, new content added to the Eastern continent will eventually integrate with the DLC.

Because Myth of Empires is a sandbox that is dependent upon players shaping the world, they will be introducing automation systems. This will be a prominent part of the deal, so this will be accomplished by introducing structures that will promote automation,  ways to harness power, resource collection, including resource collection equipment that potentially uses the power you develop. 

Of course, with introducing automation, harnessing power via a series of potential sources, and building, this also opens the door to using your new mechanical options to large-scale combat. They are tight-lipped on that too right now, but it all flows together. 

For more on the coming updates, see the announcement over at Myth of Empires.


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