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Myth of Empires Continues on Its Own Platform, With 'International Vanguard Edition' Next Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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While there are still legal battles over the game still ongoing, Myth of Empires continues operating and development in the current Early Access period. After being delisted from Steam to kick off that legal fight, the developer decided to start testing a proprietary launcher and platform in order to resume sales and continue growing the community. Developer Angela Game has announced the testing period is coming to an end and will launch as the International Vanguard Version on March 2nd.

Over the past weeks, Myth of Empires has gotten several new updates, including adjustments to the servers for stability. There have been several additions too, as well as fixes. The January 16th update brought the War Rhino tank, the dressing table for character customization options, the first instrument, the Dragon War Drum, and the game’s first set of traps. Since there is war to be waged and sieges to run, these should all help those players looking to get ahead. Strike the war drum to invite your enemies to just try you with your carefully laid traps. The team promises more instruments and traps will be coming.

The upcoming International Vanguard Edition promises new content updates, including new ways to hunt birds and catch fish, new recipes for buildings, additional building skins for custom options, and cloaks. Future updates will also include a Skirmish Mode with new maps and tactical play.

With things forging ahead via its own platform, those who already play via Steam continue to have access to the servers there, and the new platform and launcher will still connect to the same servers. This way any new players will still be able to play with their friends, though the new platform will include some new servers and events, and will also support P2P private servers for additional custom experiences.

For more on the upcoming launch, see the announcement over at Myth of Empires.


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