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Myth of Empires Adding 'Jade Era' North American and Europe Servers, Offering Beginners and Casual Players New Option

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Myth of Empires is adding new North American and European “Jade Era” servers with new rulesets aimed at beginners or those who would like a more casual experience.

The open world survival sandbox war game is adding these new servers on April 19th, and they will exclusively be for players in those two regions. Coming after community requests for more options, including a more casual starter experience, the Jade Era servers will offer a different experience.  

When they begin rolling out on the 19th, each of these servers will have six prefectures and they will open gradually as needed. Prefectures will have eight counties each, which is a different rule that is aimed at drawing more prefects on these servers. You will also not be able to travel between these servers or any other ones since you can only travel between the counties of this new server group.The new Jade Era servers are not connected to any of the other servers.

There are a few other restrictions as well, including no trading of copper coins using the wallet on these servers, and you can also only loot up to 50,000 copper coins per day off of corpses. These servers are geared mostly towards beginners, who may eventually get to transition their knowledge and experience to the official servers or even to custom games, but they also lend themselves to the more casual experience as well. 

For a survival game where some are very motivated to conquer and lead their own warring empires, this more welcoming environment should offer some options. As the team says on its Steam page announcing the new servers:“For novice players, or players with small guilds, the Jade Era servers should provide a more hospitable environment for you to experience Myth of Empires. Have fun.” 


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