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Mysterious Pirates Come to Black Desert Online, as Black Desert Console is Free for PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus members can grab the Traveler Edition, with bonuses, for free.

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On PC, Black Desert Online starts a brand new update this week, featuring the sea-based enemy, the Margoria Pirate Fleet. For PlayStation Plus subscribers wanting to give Black Desert Console a try, you can claim the Traveler Edition for free starting today.

Black Desert Online is going to be facing a spooky new pirate threat. The mysterious fleet is causing trouble on the seas, surrounding and attacking ships, they’re doing so by sending out burning ghost ships that explode on impact. The Margoria Pirate Fleet itself consists of ghosts and pirates, so their creepy and destructive methods aren’t too surprising. Also, it shows up near Vell’s Realm, which is another hint they’re up to no good. 

It's up to you to try and defeat the fleet that makes sea travel more dangerous, and if you manage to do so, you'll be able to get some special rewards. Among them are the Moss-covered Map, which starts you on the way obtaining the rare treasure, Ebenruth's Nol. 

This rare treasure has the following effects:“After using BreezySail, use BreezySail 1 extra time without consuming Stamina and with BreezySail Movement Distance +50% and High durability repair cost.”

Black Desert Console is one of the monthly featured games for PlayStation Plus members. From today through October 3rd, you can download the Traveler Edition for free. Normally $29.99, the Traveler Edition includes the full Black Desert game, and a Traveler Edition Pack, with goodies like a Horse Emblem, good for a Tier 7 white horse (female), Pearl Box 1000, a Polar Bear, and a Trainer’s Flute for 30 days. The Land of the Morning Light expansion content is also ready to dive into.

Console players can also take advantage of the Dream Horse event. The event has been extended to October 4th, allowing those who grab the game from the PlayStation Plus promo a chance to get in on the chance to claim one of the normally difficult to obtain high-tier horse mount. The event will let you pick one of the game’s three dream horses for your own. 


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