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Murkmire Prologue Quests Begin Today in Elder Scrolls Online

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The Elder Scrolls Online site has been updated with the news that the Murkmire DLC will be coming out for PC on October 22nd and for XBox One / PlayStation 4 on November 6th. Murkmire contains a brand new zone complete with new quests and adventures. The DLC is part of the Plus membership package or it can be purchased separately from the Crown Store. To get started, a number of prologue quests have been added to ESO starting today.

Players can start the prologue quests for Murkmire beginning today. Simply grab the free quest item from the Crown Store or get it from the Cyrodilic Collections "Help Wanted" posters that are found in major cities. 

In these new quests, you are tasked with helping Concordia Mercius and Cyrodilic Collections recover looted Argonian relics taken from Black Marsh. As you progress, you’ll learn about some of the dangers associated with a certain special relic and get a glimpse of what’s to come with the Murkmire DLC game pack.  

Completing the prologue will yield the Murkmire Grave-Stake memento. Players can also earn a reward box that can contain Murkmire-themed goodies, including a fragment that, once all seven are collected, create the "adorably squishy Swamp Jelly pet".

Check out the details on the Elder Scrolls Online site.


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