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MultiVersus Season 1 Confirmed To Be Released August 15th, Morty Releasing August 23rd

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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MultiVersus has seen some smashing success since launching into open beta last month, and the team at Player First Games is gearing up for its first major update since that initial launch. Season 1, after a short delay, will be coming to players on August 15th.

The Warner Bros. themed Smash-like has seen millions of players flock to it since launching last month, bringing a competent Super Smash Bros.-like experience to PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Despite not being "officially" launched, the free-to-play brawler has seen 11 million players (per tracker.gg) jump into the fray, and if the turn out at this year's EVO 2022 is any indication, MultiVersus has some staying power.

However, updates are always going to be the lifeblood of any game, and players have been eager to see when new stages, challenges, rewards and most notably, characters would be releasing. After initially delaying Season 1's release, Player First Games announced this week that it would indeed be launching on August 15th. However, there is a caveat. Not everything in Season 1 is launching at the same time, rather it'll be gradually rolled out during the Season.

"Quick Note: Everything we are bringing to you in Season 1 will not drop on the same day," the studio continued in a follow-up Tweet. "New mdes and content will be spread through the life of the season."

One of the first major drops, Morty Smith from Rick and Morty, will be coming on August 23rd. Additionally, with Season 1 there will be new cosmetic variants to unlock, two new modes: ranked and arcade, as well as Rick from Rick and Morty.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play Smash-like that sees players from various WB universes brawl it out. Characters such as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones and Velma from Scooby-Doo can hold their own against Superman and Super Saiyan Shaggy. MultiVersus had a massive turn out at EVO 2022 last weekend, with a $100K prize pool up for grabs.


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