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Multiplayer Team - This is a Passion Project

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The latest Hellgate multiplayer project, London 2038, developer diary has been published. In it, the team discusses what it has been working on over the last several weeks including making the pre-alpha more stable. Several significant bugs have yet to be worked out before the game goes into full alpha. Of particular note, however, is the monetization, or in this case lack of one, that will be utilized when London 2038 goes live.

London 2038 will NEVER cost money, will NEVER have anything for purchase, will NEVER have a subscription, will NEVER have a cash shop or money transactions of any kind, PERIOD. This is a passion project for fans, by fans, and has 0 money involved. We are all volunteers, and we want everyone to enjoy the game we remember with out any cost EVER. No one will EVER make money off of this 

Lastly, it was announced that a new website will be coming along in the near future.

Read the full post on the Hellgate: London 2038 site.


Suzie Ford

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