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Multiplayer Survival RPG 'CryoFall' Receives Electricity

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Multiplayer survival RPG, CryoFall, received electricity in their latest content patch.

Finally, this update will allow players to establish a power grid into their base. There will be different types of generators, powered by different means such as steam, solar energy, biogs, or gasoline. Each produce electricity and will power different structures like furnaces and freezers.

Additionally, the latest patch includes a number of fixes and improvements, including a rework of hitboxes, visible status icons over characters’ heads, and players will no longer lose Learning Points after dying.

Read the full update here.

About CryoFall

CryoFall delivers a complex survival experience with unlimited opportunities for players to make their mark on a hostile alien world full of secrets, dangers and wealth. Discover new ways of farming, hunting, cooking, crafting, mining, building and trading, with multiple specializations available per character. Work with your fellow players to build a functional new society, or succumb to the most basic of urges and take what others have worked so hard to build. Whether you choose PvE or PvP, CryoFall offers a richly varied gameplay experience.


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