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Multiplayer Sandbox Game Myth Of Empires Is Holding A Global Alpha Test April 15th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Myth of Empires is an in-development multiplayer sandbox game slated to hit early access on Steam. The team announced today that an upcoming global alpha test is being planned for April 15th through April 23rd, inching them closer to that goal.

The alpha test is closed, so the team behind the multiplayer sandbox game stress that those added to the test will be limited. However, there will be no NDA on those who get invited, so you'll be able to check out the game in action through streams and videos during the course of the testing. Developer Angela Game announced the alpha on Steam, thanking players who join in the PVP game as the team describes Myth of Empires as a "major passion project" for them.

"We are very excited to finally be sharing Myth of Empires with players. This game is a major passion project for us, and we’re looking forward to your feedback. Thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown so far!"

The test will run starting on April 16th at 2am GMT (so April 15th 10PM ET for those us in North America) and is currently planned to run through April 23rd, though no exact closing time is given. The team also stresses that if players don't get in initially not to panic as they will be letting more players in as the test goes on throughout the week and into the weekend. 

You can sign up to partcipate in the test using a Google Form created by the Angela Game team. No exact date has been listed for Myth of Empires to release, but the game looks to be in the vein of ARK meets Mount & Blade in its style. You'll gather resources and build large bases all in the hopes of taking out rival player empires through seige warfare and mounted combat. You can see the game in action in the trailer the team released to celebrate the upcoming beta, embedded below.


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