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Multiplayer Mech Shooter With An Arthurian Twist GALAHAD 3093 Has Gone Free to Play While in Early Access

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Multiplayer hero arena shooter with an Arthurian twist, GALAHAD 3093, has gone free to play. Simutronics’ game will remain in Early Access on Steam, but will be accessible to all going forward on PC.

This decision was made in order to open the CyberStrike spiritual successor up to more people and hopefully to grow the population pool to make matching easier. With the twist of having Arthurian inspiration but battling it all out in giant mechs, offers something that stands out, and they hope to reach more players this way. 

The free to play model is also a more and more dominant one for shooters these days. With the recent release of Overwatch 2 as a free to play game, as compared to the original’s box price and cosmetics sales, this is one more example in the AAA field.

With a game like GALAHAD 3093, the decision to make this switch while still in Early Access was made, as Simutronics says, because  “Going to a free to play model will allow many more people the opportunity to play the game. They get to see first hand what we’ve crafted together and become part of the community voice moving forward towards full release”.

The feedback in Early Access and at previous events like this year’s PAX West, where we previewed the game, has led to some changes and strategies, according to David Whatley, Simutronics CEO in a release, “Tricking enemies into chasing them through a teleporter with a proximity mine trap on the other side, guiding opponents with Arthur’s pings to eradicate them, and other devious schemes. Now that anyone can jump in, we expect to see even more intense battles worthy of their own legends”.

Simutronics will give a special pack, the Trailblazer’s Pack, for free to all players that purchased the game before October 24th. This pack contains 10,000 coins and 1,500 upgrade points, usable for upgrades and cosmetics. 

For more on the game, see the GALAHAD 3093 site.


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