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Multiplatform Dekaron G Adds Two New Regions From Classic Dekaron

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Dekaron G is several months into its global launch, and ThumbAge has announced two new regions have been added to the game. These new regions come along with additional content and new events for the multi-platform newest entry in the Dekaron franchise. 

The two new regions should be familiar to Dekaron fans. Acquirai Ruins and Pilgrim’s Space are back. The return of these areas does link Dekaron G to the classic Dekaron MMORPG, but it also adds a refresh to the available content in the new game as well.  

Aquirai Ruins serves as a link between Pilgrim’s Space and this time it is updated to be higher level, 63+ content. Pilgrim’s Space has new monsters and field bosses, with those field bosses, Soul Keeper Draco and Soul Reaper, spawning regularly.

Spawning in Aquirai Ruins is a new field boss, Ancient Emperor Bayze's Spirit. There are also new quests and new items to get in both of the new fields. These items include some special and uncommon new items for your heroes. Many of the new items will only be available from these regions, so if you’re a gear hunter, get in there. With the addition of new terrain and enemies, there are also updates for the region research and monster research for new regions.

There are also some new events to accompany the update, from the new field celebration event to mark the entry of both of those classic regions into Dekaron G. This is a login campaign, and so all you have to do is log in and you’ll get rewards sent to your mailbox. These daily rewards might include Epic Pet Summoning Ticket, Jewel Marvlik, and Epic Research Material. There’s also a coupon for each region that you can claim for a handful of helpful supplies.

For more on the update, read the full notes at Dekaron G. 


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