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MU Origins Receives New Invasion Content

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest update for MU Origins brings some new invasion content called the Malicious Invasion.

If you’re level 80 or above, you should be able to access the latest content drop. The new update brings with it battlefields where you can fight and defeat various boss monsters. If you were the one who dealt the most damage, you’ll receive various rewards like the Immortal Treasure Chest, Demonic Blade, or other such reward.

Speaking the Demonic Blade, you can improve it. As you continue to improve the Demonic Blade by leveling it up, you’ll receive “reverse options” to allow your character to become invisible. The Ragnarok system is also receiving a revamp. Moving forward, participants will be decided through Trial Dungeons.

You can grab MU Origins for free App Store and Google Play. For more info, be sure to check out their site if interested.


Poorna Shankar