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MU Origin Update Brings Major Changes to Dark Knight

Plus new events

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new update for MU Origin has brought about some major changes to the Dark Knight class. Here’s what’s in store.

The revamped class includes two different types of attack and defense. New skills for both types were added, such as the Sword’s Fury as an attack-type skill that gives extra power, and Firm Belief as a defense-type skill that provides support to the party.

Events were also introduced. For example, the Dimensional Roulette Event is back with even bigger prizes and you can spin the roulette to win Divine Archangel Weapon or Silver Heart Armor, Silver Heart Armor, and Blue Eye Weapon.

The School of MU Attendance Event is open for the first time to reward players with excellent attendance. To participate in the event, simply play MU Online and receive a stamp in the Attendance Book to earn special items such as Gold Channel Ticket for 7 days, Premium Muun, and much more.

There’s been a special enchantment added as well to help players. During the event period, the Bloodangel weapon and armor will not disappear even after failing enchantment until +11.


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