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MU Origin Update 13.0 Brings Genesis War and More

New guild content too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Genesis War comes to MU Origin in Update 13.0. Here are the details.

It works like this. If you are above Reverse level 30, you’ll be able to take part in this PvP content, which consists of five floors. On each floor, you can fight and kill other players to earn points. Players will be able to move onto the next floor once they reach the designated kill count on each floor. The more you survive, the more you will be rewarded with special and exclusive gifts.

Ruins Assault has also been added, which is new guild content. Guilds higher than level 3 can enter to defeat the bosses on each floor. In order to advance to the next floor, be the top guild that has made the most damage to the Ruins Assault boss. The damage given to the boss will be accumulated, and the guild that has earned the highest damage point will be the final winner.

Other features have been added to Update 13.0 as well. For example, per the accompanying press release, you’ll be able to acquire seal items to enhance your mount if you survive Genesis War. A new clan-based battle content has also been added, called Dark Cave.

Dark Cave will be held on a seasonal basis, where participants can receive daily and seasonal rewards with Clan Points that are earned through battles. Be aware that Clan Points can also be deducted by losing battles, so try your best to defeat the competitor as much as you can.

Check out the trailer below:


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