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MU Origin 2's Elemental Update Now Live

Brings new Elemental Challenge

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Update 4.0, aka the Elemental Update, for MU Origin 2 is live now.

The update is dubbed the Elemental Update specifically because of its focus on elemental properties. The newly added Elemental Properties consist of earth, water, lightning, fire, and wind. Each property has attack or defense options, which makes your battles fierce. Players can enhance the Elemental Properties permanently by consuming Elemental Fruits.

The Elemental feature will also be updated in the Abyss World, according to the accompanied press release. The new Elemental Challenge is a raid system where players can either participate alone or as a party after reaching Master I level 31. You’ll receive special rewards by defeating the random bosses in the Elemental Challenge. You can acquire Oracle Dice through the Elemental Challenge, which provides the chance to win extra buff items.

Additionally the Guardian Pet Awakening system will bring great power and special effects. The awakened Guardian Pets have unique properties that are applied to the player's Elemental Properties. Also, Zodiac is a system where players equip Trace of Stars to become stronger. The system will be unlocked after players reach level 340 and complete the Rescue quest.

Take a look at the trailer below:


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