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MU Origin 2 Welcomes Back Warriors with Special Event

Plus plent of rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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MU Origin 2 is getting a special event to welcome back players all month long. Here are the details.

The Returning Warrior Event will welcome back players with various special gifts. It will be a month-long event, where players will be rewarded with plenty of items through the completion of simple quests until November 8th.

The Returning Warrior Event provides 8 different quests which involve interacting with various people all over the Lorencia continent. After completing each quest, players will not only be rewarded with Zen and EXP, but also receive special items such as Condor Feather and Flame, Anima, Advance Materials, various Jewels, and many more items which will help them get more powerful. The event will support returning players and enhance their game experience so that they may continue their journey through the MU Continent conveniently.

During the event period, players can receive up to 30 times more rewards depending on their level and the number of days during which they have not explored the MU Continent. You can check the amount of rewards and further details here.


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