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Mu Origin 2 Update 2.21 Out Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Mu Origin’s 2.21 Update is out right now, bringing the Holy Shield and more.

New features include the new Holy Shield, Divine Tower, Accessories, Jewel Refining and Crafting, Flower Gift, Devantaar Map as well as special in-game events.

The Holy Shield specifically unlocks after reaching level 320 and after completing the Swamp of Death quest. It applies while in PvP combat and absorbs some of the damage an opponent inflicts if there is power in the gauge. Once the Holy Shield power bar runs out, the effect will be lost until it is recharged.

Additionally, the Jewel Craft allows players who reach level 300 to boost the power of grade 6 Jewels and above. These Jewels can be enhanced even further thanks to Jewel Carve and Jewel Refine which allows players to combine them with Refining Gems and Carving Knives.

Finally, a level-cap increase, a new Devantaar map, additional floors in the Infinite Tower, new servers, several tweaks, optimizations, and fixes are also included in the update.

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