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MU ORIGIN 2 Receiving New Holy Mage Class with 2.0 Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a new press release, Mu Origin 2 was revealed to receive a new Holy Mage class with their 2.0 update, along with costumes, features, and Master Skills.

“The new class “Holy Mage” is the leader of the Holy light and specializes on using Holy magic to purify herself by removing all debuff effects, while buffing party members and providing them with heals, thus making her a true pillar to group PvP. Players can create this new character from the character selection screen without any special requirements.”

New features were also outlined,

“Seed Enhance is a new feature that allows players to randomly enhance additional equipment attributes by using Seed Jewel and either Zen or Diamond. Players will be able to get Seed Jewels from the all new Abyss Battle Core which is a new 4v4 PvP match, running every day while Abyss is open.”

Additionally, a new costume wardrobe was announced,

“The update also unlocks the new Costume Wardrobe, a feature to store costume, weapon, wings and artifacts which contain additional property bonuses, and Roc Soul which gives users the ability to reach the full potential of their wings through Roc Soul enhancement.”

Finally, a new Master Skill was outlined,

“With the new Master Skill, players can decide between leveling up or investing their experience points to boost the ATK, HP, or DEF of their character. The main Master Trees are divided into three categories and can be activated sequentially from the first selected master tree. Activated Master Skills can also be reset using either Skill Reset Coupon or Diamond.”

Learn more about Mu Origin 2 here, and check out the trailer below:


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