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MU Origin 2 Receives Guide of the Void Update

New strength features and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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MU Origin 2 has receive a new content update called Guide of the Void. And it’s out now.

This 4.1 update brings about several new changes, but the most notable is that it’s set to open the power of the monster sealed behind the mysterious mirror. You can activate this new system by using the Mirror Fragment item and Zen after reaching level 280. The new Guide of Void feature will enhance your character’s strength to make it even more powerful.

Additional features which enhance strength are included in the update. For example, the Wings Awakening system has five types each of Attack and Defense Element Properties, which will give strength to the characters by leveling up and enhancing their wings. Also, the Elemental Weapon, which has five types of Elemental Properties: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Lightning, will be added. Both of these features will unlock for the players over level 400.

Abyss World Season 16 also begins with this update. The new Elemental Dungeon will be open for the players, where guild members can participate and be rewarded special gifts for clearing the Bosses and the dungeon. The Elemental Dungeon will be available on weekdays at 22:30 (server time).

You can check out the update trailer below:


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