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MU Origin 2 Christmas Event Is Live

Take part, earn rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Christmas event for MU Origins 2 is now live and will run through December 27. If you’re thinking about jumping in, here are some details.

During the Christmas season, players can enjoy a fun hunt to defeat event Bosses. The Bosses will drop Rudolph Horns, which can be exchanged for special items including Archangel Weapons, Gem Chests, and more. As expected, participating in the Christmas hunt will net you more rewards.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the Epic Guardian Pet Gift and Epic Accessory Chest will be given as Christmas gifts for the warriors. Moreover, to make Christmas even merrier, the MU ORIGIN 2 team has prepared even more gifts that can be earned through simple quests. Christmas-themed skin items which last for a month will be given just by exploring the MU continent during the event period.

In addition, Christmas cards will be ready for the players to send warm Christmas greetings to others. Players can receive the cards from other warriors by defeating the monsters, and exchange them for permanent items such as the X-mas Costume, Rudolph Family Title, and much more.

Learn more about the event here.


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