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MU Online's Tenth Anniversary Event Begins with Special Event Rewards & More

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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MU Online is pulling out all the stops for its tenth anniversary event with prizes, special anniversary boxes for all players and much more. Players will be able to collect Summoning Scroll Fragments that can be used to create Evomon Summoning Scrolls used to summon an Evomon. There are a number of in-game shop deals as well, including discounts on Goblin Points and the 10th Anniversary Premium Boxes.

First, players can collect Summoning Scroll Fragments by hunting monsters to create an Evomon Summoning Scroll. Once they drop the Evomon Summoning Scroll to the ground to summon a Lv. 1 Evomon and hunting the Evomon, they will have a chance to level up their Evomon or receive a dropped special reward box containing items including Jewels, (Hero) Bloodangel Soul, Garuda’s Feather, or Excellent Items.

Learn more on the MU Online site.


Suzie Ford

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