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MU Online's Season 15 Part 2 Crimson Flame's Icarus Now Live

Plus several events

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Season 15 Part 2 for MU Online is called Crimson Flame’s Icarus, and it’s now live in-game.

This update features  a new field “Crimson Flame’s Icarus” where it is full of elemental monsters underneath the flame. The monsters in the new field will drop Elemental Symbols, which can be collected to combine into Superior Pentagram and Mastery Parts. Players can also receive Elemental boxes by combining the Elemental Symbols. The special box is composed of Garuda's Flame, Lemuria's Orb, Sealed Bloodangel Armor, and much more.

During the event period, one of the main materials for the 4th Wing combination, the Golden Crest, will be dropped at the new field. Defeat as many monsters as you can to enhance your wing. Also, extra EXP will be given and monster HP will be decreased in order to help players with enhancement.

Finally, the press release notes that the Lapidary Stone Ranking Event will be held in celebration of the renewal of the Illuminating Earring Box. Every time you open the Lapidary Stone Box, you will be given points which will be accumulated for the ranking event.


Poorna Shankar