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MU Online Kicks Off 2021 with Special Events

Season 15 Part 2 arrives January 26

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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MU Online is looking to kick off 2021 with a bang with a pre-registration for Season 15 Part 2 and the New Year events.

To celebrate the New Year, the MU Online team is preparing a Season 15 Part 2 update which will soon arrive on January 26th. The first update of the New Year will include plenty of new content, such as the new field Crimson Flame's Icarus and new items. All players can now pre-register for the new season update and claim rewards of 3-day Gold Channel Tickets and Bless of Light (Bound).

You can receive boost item packages to help them become stronger, which are composed of Wizard’s Ring and Talisman of Ascension II for a day, and Bless of Light (Bound). Everyone who plays MU Online for an hour will be given a free gift during the event period, so do not miss this great chance to boost up your character.

During the event period, summon scrolls will be given when defeating the monsters on the MU continent. With the achieved summon scrolls, players will be able to summon up New Year cows to hunt and get various gifts.


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